BizOps Contributions

There’s a big difference between working in the business and on the business. Sometimes it is helpful for someone to come in and improve the processes so that the work in the business streamlines activities that have been inefficient and tedious, so that you can scale the work you are doing and be further freed to go work on the business w/ the highest ROI activities. I propose working hand-in hand with the team on further Business Operational excellence.

For this proposal, I would like to create an improved internal hiring dashboard that includes job descriptions, potential candidates, interview notes. I would also like to make an improved internal DAO-to-DAO relations dashboard that will include Friktion’s key current and future partners and making sure the correct objectives and stages are in place.

In the future, I would also like to work with the team to help enable them to improve processes such as:

  • Project Management
  • Content management scheduling
  • Discord support ticket streamlining
  • User polling
  • Invoice management/tracking

Proposed Grant Size: 3 Lightning OGs

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