Friktion Deep Dive Report

Not actually something for a grant as I wouldn’t be looking for payment, but I’m currently working on a Friktion deep dive report for my company (which would be for members only) and would be happy to re-purpose the report / use the information gathered when researching in any way that may be useful - it could be turned into a great introductory article for retail for example. Any other ideas let me know, and I’ll update when the report is done

Hey @Max - would love to hear more about where and how you’re gathering your data for the report. What is the angle or focus of the piece?

In general I think this is great and that the community would love to see the final product when completed!


Big fan of this - per @msquaredSA’s questions, may be useful to share some data and insights him and the team have been producing around protocol usage.

Would be happy to make this deep dive available to Friktion users (present+future) as the featured article on our upcoming Friktion Learn product or on our Research Blog. Looking forward to reading the report! Thanks for the hard work ser :zap:

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Hey @msquaredSA , so it’s much more of a retail focused and fundamental look at Friktion, so not really much data to gather. It could be viewed as an overview / fundamental (or investment) appraisal of Friktion as a DeFi derivatives / structured products protocol.

The initial report is for the company I work for, so won’t be able to use that one, but I’ve gathered masses of notes and worked through logic so will be able to build out a separate article for use within the Friktion community, and wider.

If you have any data that you think would be good to include or helpful, that would be amazing!

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Gm ser just wanted to see if you’d be able to share your notes - would love share with our community via post to Blog/Medium! Looking forward to it!