Integrating Data Feeds from Genesis Volatility

Genesis Volatility offers options analytical data on two assets, ETH and BTC from several CEXs. These data can be useful for traders on Entropy and can therefore enhance the decision making experience to realize better trading outcomes. This will become more evident when the depth of product offering on Entropy is deepened.

Plan of Execution:

  • Research on protocol integration (I’m new to this)
  • Gather key gateway access to implement integration
  • Seek help :sweat_smile:


Let’s see what can be done for the month of April.


This is going to be dope. Let’s maybe schedule some time so that we can scope what you’re envisioning here and chunk the work accordingly.

One question to consider is, how do you want Entropy users to consume the data from Genesis Volatility? Do you envision it as part of the Entropy product experience itself?

Really pumped that you’re taking the leap and let’s get you coding some of this up!

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Well first, aggregate the data from the different CEXs into something more streamlined. Several of the tools would be helpful in gauging market mode, especially the open interest in puts and calls. I want to target the low hanging fruits as well like the RV and IV data they have. As for the entropy product experience simple, informative but yet elegant

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Chatted with @msquaredSA about this. Grabbing the data using the APIs that are freely available is doable but we are going to need a dev to build on top of Entropy. @Galileo any thoughts on this?