More Keepers for Entropy

In an effort to increase exchange uptime, reliability, and decentralization, would like to have our community aid us in exchange operations.

One of the most important parts of a decentralized exchange is to have a “keeper” process that updates oracles, funding, account values, matches orders, etc…

This process currently runs on a few dedicated servers, but still experiences some down time.

Decentralizing this process and having anyone able to run this process to increase runtime.

As such, we want to open this process to our community and incentive them for helping us with infrastructure uptime!

For anyone interested in this, check out:

In order to incentivize this, we will reward anyone with a proven dedicated server with 1 Lightning OG.

Furthermore, we will retroactively airdrop Entropy tokens to people who run keepers based on the number of confirmation transactions sent!

To have this constantly running, do the following:

Create a file called
Replace ** with your path to entropy-client


echo "running keeper"
**cd /home/ubuntu/entropy-client
ts-node ./src/keeper.ts

On linux machine, use systemd to daemonize the process.
Add this file: keeper.service to /etc/systemd/system
replace lines with ** with your own.

cd /etc/systemd/system


To start/restart/stop the daemonize:

sudo systemctl start keeper.service```

To view logs:

sudo journalctl -u keeper.service -f

Could this be done by a Raspberry Pi behind the sofa? Regarding to compute power.

I’m running one but still have several servers that can use for this keeper, just some questions in my mind:

  1. Should I run multiple instances on a server? Seems like it’s not using many resources.
  2. Should I use the same Solana Wallet on different servers or separate to make it easy to track?
  3. How do I know how many confirmation transactions went through my keeper?
  4. How do I know that my keeper is working fine?
  5. For now, I restart the process every 30 minutes, should I make it longer or shorter?

Look forward to contributing more to Entropy, starting market maker next week too.

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  1. Multiple instances per server is fine!
  2. either use the same solana wallet, or register multiple wallets (google form for tracking coming soon)
  3. Will send a bitquery or nansen query in a sec to allow you guys to track this.
  4. will need to verify that transactions are going through on solscan, or read the keeper logs and see that transactions are getting confirmed.
  5. Restarting process every 30 minutes works! The daemon script just keeps it running constantly and restarts it whenever it goes down.

Excited to onboard you!

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Please pull request any info you have into here to be registered as a registered keeper. made an excellent post for getting started: