Spawn an entropy token version of my war of attrition game


Elevator pitch:

It’s fomo3d on solana brought to you by Jare, powered by Strata and Hydra.

Disclaimer: I’m contributor to all three of these orgs (Jare is indeed an org).


  1. gamify shit

  2. ppl lock the shit for minimum 1 day, every new bid resets countdown (for everyone who is vying for pot) to 1 day if n<1days, n is 7days to start

  3. the meta game is doublefold: the token beneath the anyspl ( is the best example of this) has an aggressive exponential curve (ie. if you’re in and in early then you stand to make much more than the other folks) - and secondly the people who ROI here are the hydra stakers. (ie. if you’re in early and you’ve also staked that then you stand to make much, much more than the other folks) :slight_smile:

→ anyspls praise!

Estimated effort:

All the work is done, I can spin a new one of these up in <1hr. Can slap this game on any given anySPL for fun.

Proposed grant size:

I already hodl 2 Lightning OGs. Grant me with however many you plz, sers, but consider ma familia. (this is an lol for the culture, not anythin else :slight_smile: )

consider also the thing really needs to be reviewed by security researchers, check the domains I’ve linked they make it pretty clear.

all of this is beta, untested, dyor, nfa.

actually hey you all should actually just follow me on twitter eh, here’s the MEV script I opensourced that does all the important bits of staking certain hydras that are strata tokens as membership

eh idk

ask your local geek, but this thing is pretty cool and I will delete it as soon as shit starts going faster (even tho noah is like 1550000 more monies than he had like 2 weeks ago to buidl all this stuff out)

now u rich, double the lightning ogs u og had in ur heads.

Oops, I’m now gonna ask you to double it again cuz I have a much better version of above script:


“lol” means it worked, ur staked.

I forgot: pending there is an entropy token, which should also be on strata :slight_smile:

this is another great point: the tech is applicable to revenue distributions for anything that eats itself, ie. the membership token is fed into the top of the fanout funnel along with other tokens and they all are distributed to that same membership mint :slight_smile:

refer to another gist for basically how to do this:

Wallie for payments:


you’ll see I’m still diamonding my other lightning ogs