What are the procedures from inception to implementation?


After an idea/proposal is brought forward, what are the processes it needs to go through to be implemented?


A) Outline a set of guidelines and procedures for creators of ideas/proposals to follow, to best provide and create an environment of transparency, to facilitate fruitful discussions and to lower the risk of divisive outcomes.

B) Proposals that make it to the decision/voting stage should be well thought out. A litmus test of this can be if it is able to answer the following questions:

  1. Alignment with Friktion’s and Community’s objectives?
  2. Clearly stated idea/proposal?
  3. Objectives are clear?
  4. Feasibility?
  5. Monetary and time cost?
  6. Accountability/Responsibility/Executioner?

To be answered by team and community:

  1. At what point is a proposal to be brought to the voting stage, meaning do proposals have to met set criteria to be qualified? OR Are all proposals to be brought to the voting stage no matter the outcome of discussion?
  2. At what point is a proposal to be marked as closed?
  3. How will revival of failed proposals be handled?
  4. Voting platform?
  5. Voting rights?
  6. Voting weight, i.e NFT holders vs token holders.
    Example: 1 vote per token or do NFTs add 10% more voting power to tokens i.e 1.1 vote per token for NFT holders.

More questions to be asked. Will update as we go along.