What is Friktion?

• What is Friktion?

Friktion is a DeFi portfolio manager, built to perform across market cycles.

It offers both active and passive portfolio management strategies, finding ways to maximize risk-adjusted returns while providing volatility protection and yields in turbulent markets.

Friktion is @solana’s leading options and structured products protocol, having recently passed $1 billion in options trading volume and TVL >$106M just 3 months from launching.

Friktion uses Inertia, an option primitive, Channel, an on-chain RFQ auction platform, and Serum, a CLOB to deliver users the most efficient and competitive pricing.

Friktion has built an institutional grade Analytics page where users can monitor Volt performance, track Volt token prices at http://app.friktion.fi/analytics. Individual portfolio performance tracking and insights are coming soon!

Covered calls yields from 19.3% to 53% and cash/stables secured puts yields from 22.5% to 75.2%.

The fee structure on Volts is currently: Performance (for positive returning epochs) fee - 10%, Withdrawal fee - 0.1%.

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